Glamistry Beauty created solely by Elena Gant, who stars in the reality show: “Little Women: LA" on Lifetime!  

From Elena:

“It’s really not easy to be different during your childhood and teenage years for anyone, and it definitely wasn’t easy for me growing up as a little person in Russia, where standards of beauty are very limiting in my opinion. So when I finally figured out that I’ll probably have to deal with that fact of standing out my whole entire life, I decided to learnt how to make the best of it! So I bleached my hair platinum blond and started to experiment with makeup. This way I felt like people staring at me not only because my short stature but also because I looked and felt beautiful. So makeup quickly became my outlet for creativity and source of my confidence! It became my happy place where DIFFERENT means GOOD!

Very first palette that I came up with, I named "Girl Code" and it was inspired by my friendship with 4 amazing and strong women - Terra, Jasmine, Tonya and Christy. It truly is the perfect palette to add to any collection and great to travel with. It has beautiful muted neutrals and pops of color. I really hope you’ll enjoy amazing color pay off and high quality!

Thank you for your support!”

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Our brand is proudly made in the USA and cruelty-free.

Glamistry Beauty